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premiered at New York City's legendary Studio 54 Theatre
on November 1st, 2010!

We gathered the true-life testimonials from people all over the world whose lives have been touched by adoption and turned them into an inspirational theatrical presentation for the benefit of Spence Chapin Adoption Services!

The talented cast included:

Molly C. Blau,

Paul Daniel Cloeter,

Pilita Danesh,

Booth Daniels,

Thomas Dolan,

Nicco Franklin,

Alice Grindling,

Billy Holly,

Sarah Rosenthal,

Sasha Sloan,

Forest VanDyke,

and Melissa Zimmerman.

KEEPERS was directed by

Chris Causer

*All photos property of Keil Studios and
What's The Benefit? inc.


The Talented Cast

Host and Noble Peace Prize Nominee
Cynthia Basinet- with our lovely auction model

WTB? Executive Directors with host Marilyn Sokol, PROMISES, PROMISES producer Pat Addiss, Dr. Sue Horowitz and Jen Marden

Cast member Alice Gridling

What's the Benefit? Executive Directors with KEEPERS director Chris Causer