What's The Benefit? inc. is proud to be presenting this kinetically dynamic Benefit Concert to support BROADWAY CARES EQUITY FIGHTS AIDS, a vital organization that is dear to the heart of the New York Theatre Community. 

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From the mind of LEGENDARY Club Kid co-founder James St. James comes a new synthesizer-pop musical straight from the gritty streets of 1980's NYC!

James St. James gained international attention after the biopic feature film release PARTY MONSTER starring Seth Green as James and Macaulay Culkin as his Club Kid co-founder Michael Alig.

But MAD QUEEN is not, as James writes, “a sequel, or a pre-quel, but an equal”...

This enthralling musical smash offers dance beats reminiscent of the boombox days. It examines James's avant-garde existence as the “Celebutante Club-Kid King” and subsequent dive into an  insidious world of prostitution-- and the world of its inhabitants.

While simultaneously working the doors and working the streets of late 80's New York, James struggles to maintain recognition and find lasting love. Along the way, he and his “Kitty” inadvertently deliver sound guidance, introspective support and hilarious insight into the nature of life-- all set against the colorful backdrop of a visually spectacular nightlife scene in a dark and crime-ridden metropolis.

Join us for a night of frivolity, heart, recklessness and music!


May 29th, 2018